In 2013 Nathalie Ducatel launches materiotek-mercerie, a unique concept with the aim of not only combining antique and vintage products, but also new and innovating haberdashery goods and related products and materials. In 2014 she bought up the stock of the antique haberdashery shop Mamiboutons composed of thousands of buttons, various threads, fastening systems and other treasures almost all predating the 1940s. She thus offers a various range of exceptional and high-quality products and materials which are otherwise difficult to obtain. She also has the technical and scientific expertise to guide any customer’s search.

As a conservator-restorer of archaeological and ethnographical objects, she has a strong passion for creating and for the transformation and use of varying materials. Nathalie Ducatel has enriched her knowledge through her vast experience in preservation of art treasures and also in her job as head of conservation-restoration studies, collaborating with architects, museum designers-scenographers, scientists, craftspeople and artists during the almost 25 years that she has lived in France, Canada, Central Asia, and finally in Switzerland.


"materiotek-mercerie" offers haberdashery products and materials in a shop as well as on the Internet, with a complete catalogue of goods available for online-purchase. In addition, workshops and exhibitions are organised in the shop.

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Shop in La Chaux-de-Fonds

Direct sales of haberdashery and related products, materials, supplies and accessories. One part of the shop is shared with the designer Coralya Wühl alias Noixdecoquette (

Shop: Place de la Carmagnole, 2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

Our shop

E-commerce shop

Sales of haberdashery and related products, materials, supplies and accessories.

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Organized on the shop premises, focusing on a distinct technique, material etc., together with artists and craftspeople, amateurs and professionals.

our workshops


Works of art, objects and accessories related to haberdashery products and materials... we are open to any other creative suggestions!


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