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↓ Technical and functional textiles
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Services: technique, research and exclusivity

"materiotek-mercerie" offers a customized service, adapted to each project.

  • Information on the properties of the products and materials
  • Search and purchase of standard, rare, new and vintage products and materials
  • Search of persons qualified in the manufacturing of distinct products and materials
  • Search and exclusive warranty on demand
  • Technical information and purchase of products and materials
  • Courses in the form of practical workshops

Haberdashery goods

  • sewing thread, embroidery thread, etc.
  • knitting yarn, crochet yarn, etc.
  • galoon, edge binding, snake braids, braid, soutache braid, ricrac braids
  • bullion fringe, twisted fringe, etc.,
  • chenille, lacing cord
  • rope, string cord, twine cord, etc.
  • woven, braided, elastic lace, etc.
  • tape, elastic band, Velcros®, etc.
  • biais binding, hat band, rib weave labric, etc.
  • ribbon tape
  • embroidery, torchon lace, lace
  • pompon, feather, boa
  • tape, strap, strip, etc.
  • artificial flowers, fruits, animals
  • buttons, snap fasteners, braid
  • buckles, hooks and bars, clips, etc.
  • safety pins
  • zip
  • loops, handles, fasteners for bags
  • glitter, sequins, rhinestones, decorative pieces
  • sewing needles, knitting needles, crochet needles
  • wooden bobbin for lace, shuttle
  • miscellaneous (magnets, hooks, buckles, etc.)

Technical and functional textiles

High-Tech, "TUT – Textile à Usage Technique"

  • thread
  • binding
  • lacing cord
  • cord
  • string
  • strap
  • tape
  • fabric, etc.

Costs on request

Which customers / which purchasers


  • Textile fibres, ceramics, glass and metal crafts, furniture and small objects, illumination
  • Sewing, needle work and fashion accessories
  • Jewellery, cabinet-making, marquetry, leather craft, tapestry


  • Concept designers, creators, artists, sculptors, designers, architects, decorators, craftsmen
  • Professionals of heritage conservation: conservator-restorer, technician/collaborator in conservation, taxidermist, showcase manufacturers, scenographer

Enthousiasts and connoisseurs

  • Associations: textiles, knitting, lacing, recycled goods (remade, fair trade…)
  • Private: assistance for search and creation