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All the products selected and offered by materiotek-mercerie tell a story


As regards our knitting yarns we have preferred to offer natural materials: yarns spun from alpaca, yack, lamb, sheep and goat (mohair) that come from different parts of the world... France, Ecuador, Uruguay, Mongolia…These high quality materials have a unique appearance and they stem directly from the producer or from spinning factories fully committed to the respect of traditional and sustainable types of production. By buying these yarns you will provide support to enthusiastic breeders of wool yielding animals engaged in fair trade



The buttons we propose for the greater part originate from the Mamiboutons Collection, which we have bought up in 2014. This collection contains ancient buttons mostly manufactured prior to the 1940s. A true vintage treasure illustrating traditional crafts of non-standardised and limited series. Amongst these you will find natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, horn, and wood or glass and metal but also the first plastic materials such as Bakelit or galalith.

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Laces, embroideries, ribbons, braids, threads and various fastening systems

The laces, embroideries, ribbons, braids, threads, various fastening systems and other haberdashery products also stem from the stock of the Mamiboutons Collection.

A rare pearl

Thanks to her education as a conservator-restorer and thanks to a network of specialists, Nathalie Ducatel tries hard to identify the composition, the origin and to trace back the story of these materials. A research that she carries out with highly-skilled professionalism in order to dust off these pieces and to reveal their uniqueness.

At materiotek-mercerie you will certainly find the perfect product to embellish and to personalise your creations.

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